in der Region

At the Greiner Glas Manufaktur glass factory you can see 100-year-old documents from the Wilhelminian era, unique glass pieces and one of the oldest and most beautiful colour glass melting furnaces in the Thuringian Forest.

You can book a day trip from the crest of the Thuringian Forest to the Perle im Schwarzatal on the legendary Oberweißbach mountain railway with us.
Ilmenau is a well-known university town and one of Goethe’s favourite resorts. As well as the historic Old Town, it offers numerous museums and recreational facilities for holidaymakers.

The state capital, Erfurt, is the largest city in Thuringia and particularly worth seeing for those with an interest in history. The historic town centre is home to the oldest synagogue in Central Europe - it features numerous mediaeval Jewish cultural treasures, including the Erfurt Treasure.

Weimar’s heritage is famous throughout Europe. It offers holidaymakers a wide range of options: museums, UNESCO World Heritage sites and castles with green parks and gardens. A city tour is ideal for an initial overview of the city, its monuments and historical background.

A visit to Oberhof is a must for those who love skiing! The town has gained a reputation as the centre for wintersports in the Thuringian Forest, particularly for biathlon, luge, bobsleigh, cross-country skiing and Nordic Combined skiing.